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Fundación SHERPA – Por el futuro de los jóvenes colombianos!

The SHERPA Foundation is a project developed by Hans Cabra (GCL 2012 – Colombia).

The SHERPA Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that seeks to tackle substance abuse in young people in “La Roca neighborhood” by providing after school tutoring, writing workshops, French and English classes, sports activities, and seminars on ‘how to design a life project’.

The SHERPA Foundation is based in “La Roca” neighborhood. In the short-term, it seeks to assist a minimum of 30 young people with academic and social activities. In the long-term, it hopes to become a leading social venture in Bogotá and throughout Colombia in the design of effective social policies to prevent substance abuse in young people. The SHERPA Foundation also works very closely with “Colegio Cooperativo San Blas” (a high school located near the community center) in the design of “life project workshops” within the academic curriculum to help mitigate the problem of substance abuse and hence provide young people opportunities to improve their livelihoods.

The SHERPA Foundation is made up of recognized leaders and innovators from various spheres of social action: academia, government, and grass-roots community gatekeepers who are diligently looking for ways to help their community.

We are currently in the implementation stage. The project began October 12th 2012 with the donation of 2 computers to the “Cooperativo San Blas” local high school and a presentation of the project to the student community. Since then, we have been working on fund-raising campaigns and the action plan for 2013.

These are the main events since the SHERPA Foundation was launched:

  • Meeting with sponsor to obtain funds to start project
  • Donation of 2 full-equipped computers to the “Cooperativo San Blas” local high school.
  • Donation of $ 50 to help a student-run social business (a cleaning enterprise). The money was used to buy input materials (chemicals for the making of shampoo, soap, bleach, disinfectants, softener, brooms, mops)
  • Seminars and conferences on youth empowerment and design of a life project in Bogotá and throughout Colombia (mostly villages)
  • Interviews with local newspapers and radio stations to speak about the SHERPA Foundation
  • Field trip to the “Tiempo de Juego ” Foundation to train our members in the organization of a social business
  • Public-Private partnership with Hasbro Toys Company to donate 40 gifts to be given to the most vulnerable kids in “la Roca” neighborhood
  • Staff meeting to design  action plan for 2013

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