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Exa Team

Manuel Espinoza

Manuel Espinoza, GCL ’12 Perú

ExA Team (Execution Advisory Team) is a volunteer activity, in which GCL projects and Leaders are supported by a multidisciplinary team (2 management consultant and one specialist on the field of the project) in order to successfully achieve the development of his/her project.

This project started during the GCL Program 2012, Manuel Espinoza (Peru) and Felipe Gonzalez (Brazil) both GCL’12 are both the team leaders.

ExA Team members will be selected according to their expertise on management and field issues as well as the availability to work on the project.

The main criterias that ExA Team is looking in GCL projects are the availability of the GCL leader to work on his/her project, current status, level of project management and relevance of Social Impact. The compatibility between both criterias will let identify the most suitable ExA projects with its ExA support team.

Felipe Gonzalez GCL ’12 Brazil

With this support, it is expected to increase the multiplier effect of the projects, that would benefits the country’s development (social, economic or political), regional integration and Latin America’s insertion on a global level due to a better planning, more clear strategies and better implementation of the projects.

ExA Team also aims to strength the bonds between the GCL Alumni continuing the process of leadership development.

This project has the GCL Program seal!

Come, share your project and let’s build something bigger together!

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