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About MultiLATeral

The well-known Cherry Blossoms are not the only thing that turns Washington DC into a hopeful, vibrant and energetic city every spring. Early every year since 2006, a carefully selected collection of young leaders from different countries in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula join together as participants in the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program. The program, with the support of Georgetown University’s Latin American Board and the guidance of Georgetown University, enables the participants with an enriched view of the world and of the Ibero-American region with the added perspectives of personal, social, political and business leadership.

As well as being a paragon for academic excellence, the program works as an incubator of dynamic discussions that aim to find the creative solutions of the future to the problems of today, by developing projects that each participant commits to implement upon returning to their home countries.

Furthermore, throughout its journey GCL has proven to be an excellent trigger of lasting connections that have contributed to develop a solid network that looks to be the strong foundation over which a future of positive changes for a globalized and interconnected Ibero-America will be built.

Aiming to continue strengthening this powerful network, is that multilateral is born – the blog for alumni, staff, faculty and friends for GCL:  to open a window that provides the rest of the word a peek into the discussion of ideas that the congregation of so many different international perspectives, realities and generations produces.

MULTILATERAL intents to maximize the potential of the GCL dialogue, and increase the mileage of discussions and opinions about current affairs and capitalize on experiences  in the implementation of projects throughout the region, looking to gain value from the diversity of perspectives and approaches that coming from different environments produces, but that join together in the celebration of a common identity: proudly Latina and committed to work for a First World Ibero-America.

¡Welcome to multiLATeral!