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Multilateral (Inglés)

We love Fair Trade! But what do producers say?

“Producers in developing countries face challenges to qualify for fair trade certification”.

With this topic, Piero Ponce (GCL 2009, Peru) was invited to offer a presentation at the AIESEC Alumni Austria monthly meeting for raising awareness about the different economical and social challenges of fair trade certification among producers. Complementing current studies made from the fair trade community on this issue, he looked as an example at the experience of the Peruvian cooperative CEPICAFE before and after the certification, as well as shared his previous experience in working with grass-roots organizations in rural areas for promoting competitiveness.
Among others, the following conclusions and recommendations were highlighted:
  • Reinforce social and environmental issues among the participating farmers
  • Work at grass-root rather than individual level
  • Re-adapt school system to agricultural crop time
  • Higher demand for technicians and consultants in rural areas
  • Promote governmental projects by transferring fair trade know-how
  • Generate trust among local authorities, parents, teachers and press
  • Recruit volunteers and promote entrepreneurship, particularly among youth
  • Raise more advocacy and political influence around fair trade in the world trading system

You can see the presentation here: AAA meets fair trade

Photo: CEPICAFE (Peru)


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